We are a small and friendly beekeepers' association based in West Linton and the surrounding countryside of the Scottish Borders, Midlothian, Lanarkshire, and Peeblesshire. We always welcome new members and are enthusiastic about sharing our knowledge and passion. Our interests are broad and we all enjoy keeping bees for different reasons, whether it be enjoying the honey produced, seeing our colonies thrive, or simply enjoying the the company of our fellow beekeepers.


We collaborate with our friends in nearby beekeepers associations and more widely with local and national organisations. Click the logos to visit their websites.

Peeblesshire Beekeepers Association
Newbattle Beekeepers Association
Edinburgh and Midlothian Beekeepers Associaon
Bee Imprvement and Bee Breeders Associaton Logo
British Beekeepers Association BBKA logo
Scotth Native Honey Bees Society SNHBS logo
Science and Advice for Scottish Agrculture SASA logo
Penicuik House logo
Scottish Beekeepers Asociation SBA logo


We were formed in 1950 by four local West Linton beekeepers, though beekeeping in the village has been practised much longer as the bee boles in St Andrews Church Yard evidence, and bees were previously kept on the  Upper Green.

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